Lewis offers one to one coaching sessions addressing aspects of performance, presentation and self expression. Drawing on 15 years of experience creating, directing and performing in theatre she supports students in gaining self confidence in speaking their truth on and off stage. Sessions are tailor made to meet the needs of each individual. 

Subjects and approaches covered

Life Coaching

Artistic Mentoring

Voicing the authentic voice


Public speaking

Self expression through body and voice

Archetype work - including ongoing support post workshop

Approaches to Shakespeare

Audition technique

Drama school mock auditions

She also works with expressing emotional context that may be blocked and getting in the way of allowing you to be your fullest, most balanced and whole self. Each session is crafted to the individual’s needs & takes place in Brockley, London. 

How many sessions do I need?

Lewis meets people for a 90min introductory session Then most people have 6-8 x 2hr sessions


 The Student/low wage rate is £50/hr or £85/2hrs

Standard rate £65/hr or £100/2hrs

High earner rate is £90/hr or £150/2hr. 

Contact Lewis to book your session